Mgr. Zuzana Motlíková was born  in Prague in 1951.

She graduated on pedagogical faculty in Pilsen in 1973 – art degree.

At the beginning of her career she specialized on ceramics.

With regard to the tradition in this area she starts to work with porcelain
instead of ceramic clay. These days she is working only with this material.

Zuzana Motlíková lives in Abertamy where she also has her atelier.
She works only with her husband who is taking care of burnings
in the pottery kiln, adjusting pictures on the wood and frames
and all kind of administration..

Zuzana Motlíková took part in mutual expositions in the Czech Republic
and in Germany. In 1995 she exposed extensive collection of porcelain
jewellery in gallery called Neptun in Liberec.

Recently she exposes and sells in Prague in gallery AD - Uhelný Trh, in Říčany gallery "18", Kladno, Františkovy Lázně, in Karlovy Vary in Becherplatz.

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